Corporate Clothing
Professional Appearance
By having your employees wear work clothes, they are more likely to give off a professional and clean look that ties into the theme of your company.
Advertises your business
Employees sometimes wear their work clothes even when they’re not working.  This will advertise your business / products and might stir up some business for you.
All companies have a name, but many of them have no logo that represents them. Work clothes for employees gives a platform to strengthen your brand.

Olamart Creatives

We are a group of young and talented people who started as an Art club on 14 February 2009 at Kings Kids Village. We soon become known as the OlamArt Creatives, a name that is derived from the Hebrew word meaning Everlasting. From these Creatives minds came the MV Fest & MV Peculiar concept among others that are yet to be revealed. We believe in team work and that's why we are proud to bring on board Identity Africa and Five star as organizing partners. Just like we do they both have a heart for empowering young people and the society at large. Olamart Creatives is keen on creating and giving a lasting platform for all.

Identity Africa

We are an events organizing and management company with a focus on corporate events, sound hire, festivals, event concept development and consultancy, television concept design, charity events. We have serviced clients including NGOs, weddings,resorts and hotels, end year parties, luncheons and seminars, launches and creative capacity building for artistes and models. Identity Africa owns the fashion franchise Mr. and Miss Identity Africa.

Five Star Series Entertainment

We are a Talent Mentorship & Management, Event Promotion and Entertainment Production Company, Focusing on Providing Various Platforms for Our Mentored Talented Youths through Film & TV, Modeling, Music, Fashion Development Locally and Internationally. We Also handle Corporate Event Management, Partnership Networking and Public/ International Relations. 
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