As a result of MV Fest you will be able to showcase your Abilities, Talents, Products and Services that are of value to the society at large. You will enlarge your network, discover new trends/market and forge new partnerships

We are Looking for individuals ready for the next level in their area of Business /Gifting/Abilities. Do you have a unique Idea, Product, Service, Gift, Ability?

The Story of a Global Village is Diversity
We are all Connected, A Global Village. MVfest brings together all types of people and abilities. When people from different backgrounds and genders come together they bring with them different information, opinions, perspectives and strength. This mix of abilities brings a bag of benefits including:

| Enhanced creativity | Full understanding of market issues |
| Fresh ideas | Spontaneous breakthroughs among others |

Our Philosophy
Each day we wake up to make the world a more memorable and exciting place to be. A global village where everyone is appreciated. Doing life together is fun, it creates a good environment to discover and advance our economic abilities.
Why Exhibit / Sponsor
Brand Visibility
Put your brand in front of audiences who haven’t heard of your business.
Targeted Marketing
Gain opportunities to engage one on one with people looking for relevant product solutions.
Sales Goals
Rack up sales on the spot and quickly earn customer’s respect. Get new contacts
Consumer Perception
Public perception can make your business. On the other hand, customers form positive opinions when your business is tied to a good events.
Efficient Lead Generation
Get a host of compatible customers, show the human side of your business. Forming an emotional connection is half the battle of building brand loyalty.
Community Goodwill
Customers love brands that care about spreading positive messages and helping the community. Community involvement sets you apart
Content Strategy
Event sponsorships provide fresh material to expand your content strategy. By connecting with the event holder on social media, you get relevant audiences.
Audience Insights
Event sponsorship is a learning experience for business owners. A roomful of great minds is better than one. You learn business differentiation & customer attraction.
Get non-competing businesses you can collaborate with in the future. Find out what businesses are participating, and prepare pitches to introduce yourself to key players.
MV Fest Main Categories
Product/Service/Talent Showcase
Showcase, demonstrate, sample your product and get feedback. Make sells, gain customers / partners. Check out outstanding talents and forge new partnerships.
Battle of the bands
Experience skill, creativity and coordination on a variety of instruments. The backbone of
entertainment, soundtracks, therapy, culture, film and advertisement
Mr & Miss Identity Africa
Get a taste / Showcase trendy cultural, modern, sports, Street wear etc. Models not only sellyour work, but inspire and give feedback on the designs and how it feels.
Event Sponsors / Partners
Event Organizers

Olamart Creatives

We are a group of young and talented people who started as an Art club on 14 February 2009 at Kings Kids Village. We soon become known as the OlamArt Creatives, a name that is derived from the Hebrew word meaning Everlasting. From these Creatives minds came the MV Fest & MV Peculiar concept among others that are yet to be revealed. We believe in team work and that's why we are proud to bring on board Identity Africa and Five star as organizing partners. Just like we do they both have a heart for empowering young people and the society at large. Olamart Creatives is keen on creating and giving a lasting platform for all.

Identity Africa

We are an events organizing and management company with a focus on corporate events, sound hire, festivals, event concept development and consultancy, television concept design, charity events. We have serviced clients including NGOs, weddings,resorts and hotels, end year parties, luncheons and seminars, launches and creative capacity building for artistes and models. Identity Africa owns the fashion franchise Mr. and Miss Identity Africa.

Five Star Series Entertainment

We are a Talent Mentorship & Management, Event Promotion and Entertainment Production Company, Focusing on Providing Various Platforms for Our Mentored Talented Youths through Film & TV, Modeling, Music, Fashion Development Locally and Internationally. We Also handle Corporate Event Management, Partnership Networking and Public/ International Relations. 
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